Friday, April 22, 2011

Steve Hippity Hops to the Moms R Us Easter Party

 Kelly's a Pepper and she shows Steve that this party is where it's at!  :)

Even her son, Ethan, thought that Steve should be shown a good time.

So he hung out with Kathy W and watched from the sidelines for a minute.

and let Aden hold him before the egg hunt started.

Natalie, Audrey and Kristien get Steve ready for the egg hunt.

 And Brenda finds him hoarding a basket full of Easter eggs.

  Mandi lets him rest and enjoy some dinner with her

 And Kristie was passed the Gnomey from the Left Hand side.

 He shared a kiss with Emily

and found that Kristin and Caitlin were too cute to miss a chance to pose with them.

He did hide in my pocket during the group photo, but all the kids were too sweet to not post.  

I'm sincerely going to miss this great bunch of kids and ladies more than I can express in words!  

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