Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Haunted Hotels and Sites from Beyond the Rainbow

 Downtown Oklahoma City.

First opened in
From Wikipedia:    1911, the Skirvin Hotel contained 224 rooms in a ten-story two-winged tower. A third 12-story wing was added in 1925, and then in 1929–30 all three wings were leveled off to 14 floors with a total of 525 rooms.[3] The hotel is named for its founder, William Balser "Bill" Skirvin, whose daughter, Perle Mesta, became the ambassador to Luxembourg under Harry Truman.[1] The hotel closed down in 1988 and sat abandoned for the next 19 years. In 2007, it was renovated and re-opened as part of the Hilton chain of hotels.Rumours of a haunting in the hotel persist, and have even been cited by NBA teams, notably in 2010 when the New York Knicks famously blamed their loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on the haunting and when the Chicago Bulls reported doors slamming shut on their own and strange sounds outside their rooms. [4][5][6]
As the story goes, the hotel's original owner, W. B. Skirvin, had an affair with a maid, which led to a pregnancy. To protect his reputation and avoid a scandal, Skirvin locked the maid on the 10th floor. The maid became depressed and even after the birth of her child, she was still not let out of her room. She eventually jumped out a window killing herself and the baby, without notice in newspapers. The maid was apparently a woman of loose morals and many men who have stayed in the hotel have reported being propositioned by a female voice while alone in their rooms.[7] Others claim to have seen the figure of a naked woman with them while taking a shower.[8] One man even claimed he was sexually assaulted by an invisible entity during his stay.[9][4] Over the years, Hotel staff say they have seen objects moving by themselves and have heard strange noises at night.[10]

The Denver Nuggets were staying in the hotel on the night we were there.  So were several members of the ESPN news crew.  It was quite an interesting hotel.  The rooms were updated and modern, but a little small.  Definitely a cool place to stay.


 Somewhere over the rainbow?  I was just hoping for some red shoes to go with Steve's red hat.

 Kansas Wheat

Steve didn't make it into this photo.  We'll try to catch him with a MO sign tomorrow
 Kansas City BBQ at Smokehouse BBQ

Fountain at Embassy Suites by the KC Airport

Dessert at Coldstone Creamery!

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