Friday, April 22, 2011

Adventures at Walgreens Day 1

Not everyone will be working with me on my last day (Tuesday), so Steve came to Walgreens today to play with some of my coworkers.

First thing he made himself at home in Vu's (one of the overnight pharmacist) pocket.  

and Vu let him test the morphine.  It knocked him right over!

So he decided to test the OP Oxycontins.  They don't work as well as those OC ones.  He's still standing! LOL

  Dana, one the techs,  let Steve try out the Drive Thru station

and he tried to help Mark with the paperwork, but he wasn't any good at it.

Mary told Steve to quit being a pest like the customers were to her today.

 So he took a break and hung out with sweet pharmacist, Melanie.

 He helped Jana put away some drugs and asked her where we kept the anise oil.  

 And then got hung up in the Yuyama.  Crazy Steve, you come down from there now!

 He showered off in the Fillmaster

And took a thrilling ride in the Drive Thru basket

 Before Anita rescued him and returned him to his box for a nap!  PHEW!  What a day!

1 comment:

  1. How did he ALREADY figure out that the OP Oxycontins don't sell for as much, I mean work as good, as the OC ones? LOL!!!!

    At least pharmacy customers are consistently stupid in every state :)