Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gnoming Around at Logan's Roadhouse

Steve's first big outing was to Logan's Roadhouse for my going away luncheon.  He enjoyed sitting around and watching us all eat and then happily posed with the lunching ladies and children.  

Steve with the bamboo plant being passed to the next Army family.

With Marie

and Tammy

Melissa snuggled up with him.  I think he kinda liked it!  

Showing off with Julie

and attempting to eat a bite of her steak.

Damien thougtht Steve was pretty cool!

And Lance thought he was the bee's knees!

Tonia decided to kiss him.  I hope she doesn't turn into a gnome.

And here he is with Stephanie.

Even sleepy Sammie got her photo take with the gnome of the hour.

Melissa and Steve said cheese!

Kayla didn't kow what to think about him.

Then he posed up on her head with Heather.

And he finally made it around to Katie.

He was one pooped gnome by the end of the lunch.  He's now napping until his next adventure!

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  1. I love it! He's so adorable next to the bamboo! Is there a reason bamboo is passed from one Army family to the next?