Thursday, August 2, 2012

MNO: Coppertop Tavern

 Steve made himself at home among all of the ladies and Nick Jr mascots!  I spy Diego and Baby Jaguar!
 Alicia shares her Chocolate Mint Martini
 Watch out Sarah!  Swiper NO SWIPING!  :)
 Steve takes a ride on Baby Jaguar thanks to Kathy
 And Kien says Wow Wow to Wubbzy and Steve
 Beth poses with Wubbzy and Steve
 And Kristen notices she has a friend on her shoulder!
 Tami thinks Steve is getting a little too fresh.
 So Sarah shares her dessert with him.  Steve you have whipped cream on your nose! 
 Can you spot Steve in this picture? 
 Thanks Ladies for a great evening out!  I will miss all of you! 
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  1. I see Steve in the picture! I had to click on the pic to make it bigger though before I could see him. Looks like a fun evening!