Thursday, August 2, 2012

MNO: Coppertop Tavern

 Steve made himself at home among all of the ladies and Nick Jr mascots!  I spy Diego and Baby Jaguar!
 Alicia shares her Chocolate Mint Martini
 Watch out Sarah!  Swiper NO SWIPING!  :)
 Steve takes a ride on Baby Jaguar thanks to Kathy
 And Kien says Wow Wow to Wubbzy and Steve
 Beth poses with Wubbzy and Steve
 And Kristen notices she has a friend on her shoulder!
 Tami thinks Steve is getting a little too fresh.
 So Sarah shares her dessert with him.  Steve you have whipped cream on your nose! 
 Can you spot Steve in this picture? 
 Thanks Ladies for a great evening out!  I will miss all of you! 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

De Twain De twain

There is a large model train at the Drivers Village Mall.  Of course, Steve made himself right at home.

Hitching a ride to the station

Waiting at the station

Goodness, this Hummer is too cool not to go off roading.

Found the carnival

Oh no, I'm going to miss the train.

Uh oh.  I smell DANGER

Phew!  Escaped at the last minute

Hanging out with my friends!  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Apples to Apples: MNI

Steve came with me to say farewell to a few really swell ladies that I had the pleasure to meet and get to know through a local play group. We snacked and laughed the evening away playing Apples to Apples. Hilarious game!
Bethany showing her cards:  spicy and unforgettable for sure!  
Mmmmmm dip and margarita!
  Meagan and her cards!
Kara had smelly and shiny!   We had a good laugh when she ended up with feminine next.  We decided it sounded a bit like the cards came out of a feminine hygiene commercial.  Poor Steve blushed a bit.

Thanks girls for a BRILLIANT farewell!  Sorry I won both games!  I guess that was the luck of the draw!  But Steve and I really enjoyed ourselves and we can't believe we were out until 2am.  I'm really going to miss this wonderful bunch and am sorry I missed those that couldn't make it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Adventure Begins Again:

It's that time again.  PCS time and that means appearances by Steve, the gnome away from home!  Welcome to the 2nd edition of his adventures.

Steve's adventures resumed at Walgreens today.  It was my very last day at Walgreens after working there for 17 years.  My coworkers today helped me say goodbye by playing nicely with Steve. 

 Bettina and Steve answer the phone:  Be Well with Walgreens how can I help you?
 And Steve and two of my favorite techs, Kayla & Anne-Kathryn fill prescriptions.
 Chris came back from photo to say goodbye and posed with Steve
 and so did Store Lead, Dawn
  Ryan isn't quite sure what's going on in his head or on his head.
  "Uh do you see something unusual?"
 Steve is no Bunny, but he is kinda cute as he poses with Tiffany
 and my loyal evening tech Steve poses with Steve as we get ready to close up one last time together.
 Oh No!  Don't eat me chokin' chicken!  I'm a gnome.  (Chokin' Chicken is the pharmacy mascot.  If you pick him up by his neck he squawks!)
 "uh OH"
 I'll just hide here!  Nice! Nuts! 

Peace out Walgreens!  It's been a heck of a ride!  17 years of ups and downs, but lots of really cool people all over  the country!    Thanks to all of the great people at store 9416 on James St for making my last 10 months with the company a positive experience!  I'll miss you all!
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