Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday & Saturday May 5/6

For a pre Mother's Day celebration, we took my mom and grandmother to the Beef House on Friday.
 Then Bill and I headed to Indianapolis to spend the night before the Mini Marathon on Saturday

Bill ran the half marathon and I ran the 5k.  Steve didn't make it to the 
mini festivities, but he did stop at the State Capitol Building for a couple of photos.

 Then we took him to enjoy some icecream at Hershey's in Veedersburg with the Delps
 and ran into one of our high school teachers, Mrs Jones.  She remembers how silly we were so she agreed to pose with Steve with a little encouragement!
Then Ian shared a story about Steve with Christopher

 and Christopher took a look at hime
 and waved hello!

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  1. The Beef house and you didn't tell me!!! That's like a total halfway meeting spot! :)